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If you are thinking of hiring a skip service in Barnsley, then you are at the right place. We provide the best expert-level skip service around Barnsley at a very reasonable price. 

We are located at the heart of South Yorkshire, England. We have a number of different skip sizes available to hire all over Barnsley. Our skip experts will manage your waste and they will take the necessary steps to deploy them for recycling within the shortest period of time. 

You can choose to skip size according to your need, ranging in sizes from 4 – 16 yards. Our highly enlightened team members will provide you with all kinds of information that you need to know about skips and advise you to avoid any additional costs. 


They also can help you with required permits and parking bay suspension that you might need . You need to be careful before hiring a skip. Whether you are looking for a mini skip for the house, construction site, or commercial skip to remove any bulk waste Skip Hire Barnsley is the obvious choice for hassle-free first class service in South Yorkshire.

Why to choose barnsley skip hire

Affordable Skip Hire

Affordable Skip Hire Prices – Skip hire price depends on your skip size and waste amount. We are offering the most affordable price for this. We break down the cost of hiring a skip to our customers and this is what makes us unique.

Reliable skip hire service Provider – We are the most reliable skip hire service provider in Barnsley. We have been providing top-notch service to our customers for years. We never compromise about the quality of our work and this helps us to keep our standard so high in this industry.

Efficient Waste Management Service – We always come up with a very well-organized waste management system for our customers. We make sure to give the best possible service to our customers.

Skip hire Barnsley

Specialize in the commercial project We’re one of the very few that specialize in commercial skip hire in Barnsley. With a wide range of sizes and types of bins, we can supply the right item for any project.

Eco-friendly and Environmental Waste Removal – We always care for nature. You need to have a proper waste disposal system to protect our nature from pollution. That is why we have created the best eco -friendly and environmental waste disposal system . First, we separate all the waste and process them for recycling. Sometimes there might be hazardous waste. So we need to take special care of them. Otherwise, it may cause a dangerous situation later.


Health is the most important thing. We all are going through a global pandemic. We care about our customer’s health and make them safe. To avoid Covid-19 you need to take many precautions. We take maximum protection before starting work. Such as wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and keeping ourselves sanitized. It helps us to create a safe work-friendly environment. We don’t compromise about safety.

About Skip Hire Barnsley

Skip hire Barnsley is one of Barnsley’s most established waste management companies and we have been in this business for 6 years.

We are renowned in South Yorkshire for our quality service. We have many small domestic and large corporate construction clients all over Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

BSH is the first name that should come up in your mind when you’re thinking of a skip hire in barnsley. We specialize in all size skips, including mini skips and large ones too. Hiring us would ensure you get the job done in the most appropriate way.

no matter what the job is, let it be commercial junk or rubbish at construction sites, we can arrange a wide range of skips for any occasion.

Skip hire Barnsley

Types of Waste

Skip hire Barnsley

commercial Skip Hire – If you have unwanted things and junk that is taking up a lot of space, it’s time to get rid of them for good. You can easily dispose the unnecessary trash or get them recycled properly with our help.

We provide all kinds of commercial skip hire services on a regular basis at cheap prices and highest convenience. For any kinds of commercial projects, you can rely on our world class service to provide you the right size skips and premium services.

We’re one of the few skip hire companies in South Yorkshire, England, that can offer the variety of skip sizes to any business. Starting from mini skips to larger ones, we have it all. Most importantly, when you’re working with us we make the whole process easy and convenient.


If your business generates 9 or few bags of waste every then it falls into the same category of household waste. If a business generates 10 or more bags of waste every week then it is considered as large commercial waste.

If you are a business owner then it is your legal duty to make sure that all the waste that your business generates are disposed.

Skip hire Barnsley

Construction Skip Hire- If you’re doing renovation, ruination, or building, you’ll end up having to hire multiple skips. If you’re looking for skip hire in Barnsley, we are the best choice for that. Our skip varies from small, medium to large sizes that can hold all kinds of building waste and fill your waste requirements fully.

You get the best prices with ‘Barnsley Skip Hire’ near Barnsley and surrounding areas in South Yorkshire. We provide services to almost all large commercial and construction companies since 2015 and have received great admiration and reviews.

We take all small or large jobs seriously and ensure the right process for recycling the junk or dispose them.

Skip hire Barnsley

Household/Domestic Skip HireOften you might need a skip hire company to get rid of the domestic waste or junk. With us, you get the best prices in skip hire in the surrounding areas.

In most cases, mini skips are the perfect choice for domestic skips hire. It’s cost effective and smaller in size, so will fit in your yard nicely.

Mini skips are best for all kinds of domestic waste like garden waste, food scraps, paper, bottles, plastic packages, cardboard, wood preservatives, batteries, paint thinners, house cleaners, etc.

See Our Skip sizes

Skip hire Barnsley
4 Yard Skip

This skip is perfect for small amounts of heavy waste.

Capacity: 0 to 40 bin bags

Skip hire Barnsley
6 Yard Skip

This skip is perfect for small amounts of heavy waste.

Capacity –  50 to 60 bin bags.

Skip hire Barnsley
8 Yard Skip

This skip is perfect for medium amounts of heavy waste.

Capacity – 60 to 80 bin bags.

Skip hire Barnsley
12 Yard Skip

This skip is perfect for medium amounts of heavy waste.

Capacity – 100 to 120 bin bags.

Skip hire Barnsley
14 Yard Skip

This skip is perfect for large amounts of heavy waste.

Capacity – 140 to 160 bin bags.

Skip hire Barnsley
20 Yard Skip

This skip is perfect for large amounts of heavy waste.

Capacity – 180 to 200 bin bags.

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